Crystal Prototype

A small shooter prototype built with a data-oriented approach.


Follow the story of four characters as they investigate the mysterious phenomenon affecting their home planet. Perhaps you will be able to solve the mystery. By shooting things. And lots of them.

Ultrablast is an oldschool frantic shoot'em up, originally released in 2010 for iPhone. It featured smooth gameplay with a neo-retro soundtrack.

Gamasutra / FingerGaming ★★★★☆ "There are quite a few scrolling shooters to choose from on the App Store, and right off the bat Ultrablast sets itself among the best simply by getting so much right."

AppSpy ★★★★☆ "Ultrablast steps back from trying to be yet another arcade shmup title and throws in a simple, but effective combat system and storyline to keep you hooked till the end."

TouchGen "You need to just go buy this game. It is extremely well produced, like crazy", "Graphics are fantastic", "Every aspect of this game is really really well-polished"

Featured in Norway's national newspaper, Dagbladet.

Artwork by Peter Åsberg | Music by John Hübinette