Site update and general news

The site has been updated! The blog section is now back. I'll be using this section to post some technical articles, development posts, experiments and prototypes, and art & music.

Behind the scenes, I rewrote the site using eleventy, switching from another static site generator. So far I'm quite happy with it. It is quite flexible and I can organize the site in a better manner.

So what else has been going on?

Late March and early April have been quite productive.

For my Vulkan engine, I implemented multi-threading with a job system, along with bindless textures and materials (thanks to Vulkan 1.2 core features), and started working on the animation system.

However, I got distracted and ended up coding a Discord bot with a music database, and music playback support on voice channels. This was mainly for the potentially upcoming Discord server I've been working on for the game dev meetups I organize(d) in Oslo.

I had also largely done the eleventy port of the site, set up distcc for my Windows box for reducing compilation times, and had started writing some articles for the new blog section (about my distcc adventures and more!)

After those shenanigans, I fell into a slumber without actually releasing the site nor publishing the articles. Doh. Until now, that is.

I still have a couple of things I want to implement for the site. Like putting a mailing list sign up button for people who want to have even more mails in their inbox, tags and categorization, and so on.

I'll be updating the site along with more posts.